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Udong Mountain Cambodia

Udong Moun­tain

Phnom Udong is locat­ed in Psar Dek and Phnom Bat com­munes, Pon­hea Leu dis­trict, about 41 kilo­me­ters north of Phnom Penh. The city drops behind while fish­ing vil­lages and rice pad­dies sur­round either side of the sweep­ing plains of Kan­dal province. Then with­out warn­ing, a moun­tain ris­es above it all, topped by the spire of stu­pas like some fairy cas­tle. The road to Udong is clear­ly marked, and the dis­tance along this road to the for­mer city is less than 4 kilo­me­ters. Pic­nic huts sell­ing every­thing from sweet palm fruit to roast­ed chick­en clus­ter around the base of the hill. 

There are three names for this hill: Phnom Udong, Phnom Preah Reach Troap and Phnom Edthareus. The site includes the sum­mits of five hills: Chet­dei, Trai Tre­ung, Chet­dei Kam­pul Buon, Preah Ang Chol Nipean, and Ariya Kasaks. Chet­dy and Trai Tre­ung sum­mits are the same height. The area of Phnom Udong is about 1,500 meters by 700 meters from the east to the west.


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