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Silk Mekong Island Phnom Penh Cambodia

it’s locat­ed at the frontside of Phnom Penh city and it can be trav­el­ing by boat or land if we are trav­el­ing by it need to spend 10–15 min­utes to park our car on a fer­ry. the silk island is a coun­try­side and walk­ing tour when you are reached the site. 

All of those silk scarves and cot­ton tops you see in the mar­kets around Cam­bo­dia- most of them come from Silk Island. Also known as Koh Dach, this small island in the mid­dle of Phnom Penh serves as a unique way to see the rur­al side of Cam­bo­dia with­out trav­el­ing far out­side the city.

Many locals here live in tra­di­tion­al Cam­bo­di­an teak wood hous­es on dirt roads. You’ll notice that almost every house has a silk spin­ning machine under their home where women are busy hand-mak­ing these gor­geous accessories.

On the island is a silk fac­to­ry where cater­pil­lars pro­duce silk and staff har­vest them. Take a tour by the fac­to­ry guide and buy silk prod­ucts for a frac­tion of the price. After­wards, ask the locals to point you in the direc­tion of the yum­my (and cheap) local river­side restau­rant. Have an authen­tic meal then jump in the riv­er with your clothes on as the locals do.