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Private English Tuk Tuk Driver Siem Reap

Are you look­ing for a Pri­vate Eng­lish Tuk Tuk Dri­ver in Siem Reap ? Then let get in my tuk tuk to go through to any­where you want to vis­it in the town of Cam­bo­di­a’s ancient temples.

Hel­lo every­one, my name is Pov, cur­rent­ly I am liv­ing in Siem Reap province of Cam­bo­dia and work­ing as a well Eng­lish speak­ing dri­ver to go around Siem Reap ancient tem­ple, also i was born in the town of Siem Reap 

Siem Reap is one of big­ger town of Cam­bo­dia, and the town is locat­ed in the north­west­ern of the coun­try and it is the gate­way to the ruins of ancient Angkor tem­ples, all the old tem­ples of Khmer king­dom from the 9th–15th cen­turies. the vis­it­ed tem­ple are Angkor’s vast com­plex of intri­cate stone build­ings includes pre­served Angkor Wat, the main tem­ple, which is pic­tured on Cambodia’s flag. Giant, mys­te­ri­ous faces are carved into the Bay­on Tem­ple at Angkor Thom. 

There are more things to do and to see in Siem Reap’s town please the Siem Reap Things To Do See

Actu­al­ly, If you would like to have a Siem Reap local adven­tur­er to go through into the tem­ples of jun­gle then please give the work to me as I have been in the Siem Reap tourism fields for the year of Cam­bo­dia opened the it’s tourism to world­wide vis­i­tors for visiting.

Bay­on tem­ple of Great city com­pound, Siem Reap of Cambodia

This tem­ples is one of the Cam­bo­di­a’s ancient tem­ples in the town of Siem Reap and It’s called Bay­on tem­ple, locat­ed is in the jun­gle of Siem Reap town with­in Angkor Wat compounds.

More details about the trav­el­ing to the town of Siem Reap coun­ty and your local guide to get in those old tem­ples then feel free send us an email @ the fol­low­ing email address bellow.