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How to get Cambodia Driving License

For every­one that is includ­ed Cam­bo­di­an and all for­eign­ers from all over the world who wished to dri­ve in Cam­bo­dia with their own vehi­cles it need to have  a val­i­dat­ed Cam­bo­dia dri­ving license then you autho­rized per­son to dri­ve across Cam­bo­dia. And then How to get a Cam­bo­dia offi­cial­ly Dri­ving License  With the team of Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers is more hap­py to escort you slow­ly to get it with­in afford­able prices and save your per­son­al time a lots.   “For­eign­ers wish­ing to dri­ve in Cam­bo­dia must hold a Cam­bo­di­an dri­ver licence. You can apply for a Cam­bo­di­an licence equiv­a­lent to your Aus­tralian licence in per­son at the Min­istry of Pub­lic Works and Trans­port’s main Phnom Penh office or at their out­let locat­ed inside Aeon 2 Mall. If you do not have a valid for­eign licence you will need to under­go test­ing to receive a Cam­bo­di­an licence. A licence is not required to ride a motor­cy­cle with an engine capac­i­ty of up to 125cc. Even if local law does not require you to have a licence for small­er engine motor­cy­cles, we rec­om­mend you check with your trav­el insur­er if this will affect your cov­er­age. At this time Inter­na­tion­al licences are not accept­ed in Cam­bo­dia, how­ev­er the author­i­ties have indi­cat­ed this may change in the future..”