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Cambodia Women Rights Day Holiday

Cam­bo­dia Women Rights Day Holiday

this is kind of a ROSE DAYs, rose and flow­ers 🌺 love flower can see around Cam­bo­dia main­ly cities, also restau­rant is ful­ly of fam­i­ly cus­tomers who bring their love or to express their love from the start­ing till today is still unchangeable 


also WOMEN DAY is the day to start new lover, fresh love or first love come to life, even though she/he have nev­er accept­ed love from any­one but 8 march is the 

Women right day hol­i­day is kind of nor­mal hol­i­day peo­ples don’t need to go far Phnom Penh their home because it’s a one day relax, but it’s also an impor­tance day for deeply cou­ples or boyfriends and girl­friends to do things in order to show their lover that she/he is the impor­tance for each others

Per­son­al under­stand­ing only


the hol­i­day was orig­i­nal­ly from the WESTERN cul­ture, ide­al­ly to pro­mote women right to be equal to men right, maybe every­day’s right is not bal­ance with any men in human plan­et. Or Guys or hus­band try­ing tom. prove up to his wife or girl friends that you are today is apart of my life and fam­i­ly then we are togeth­er to con­tin­ue their forever.


the hol­i­day is kind of BABY BOOM, most­ly Cam­bo­di­an are look­ing for a good dat­ing day on 8th march, then they are agreed to trav­el togeth­er to wher­ev­er they planned  so far. Some­time girl friends boyfriends been argued for years then let start new day and new love from the Day 

the CONCEPTS is only from Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental Group is not reflex to oth­er peo­ple in Cambodia

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