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Uncov­er The Mys­ter­ies of Cam­bo­dia… with­in pri­vate taxi & Tour

               ‑Lush Jungle-

-Ancient Tem­ples-

This is the King­dom of Wonder…This is Cambodia.

My name is Hout, I am the founder of Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental.

Wel­come to my web­site!… See­ing as you are here…You must be on your way to Cambodia!

  The BIGGEST, STRONGEST, BRIGHTEST and most RICH coun­try in the WHOLE world!!


I might’ve got car­ried away… Maybe those things are not true, But they don’t need to be.

Let me ask you this…

Do you vis­it Cam­bo­dia for a nor­mal hol­i­day? … Or for some­thing crazy? … Do you want this to be “Just anoth­er relax­ing week away” ?

Or the best, most cul­ture-filled trip you’ve ever been on?

I think we both know the answer…

You’re vis­it­ing Cam­bo­dia because it’s the wild heart of south­east Asia,

And NOBODY knows that bet­ter than Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental Team.

We spe­cial­ize in show­ing you the crazy side of Cam­bo­dia From ancient Hin­du cities To Shoot­ing ranges, And cra­zi­est of all… We may even intro­duce you to some native Cam­bo­di­ans!.…   Have a look down below to see what adven­tures I can take you on!

Phnom Penh Tours

If you’re com­ing to Cam­bo­dia….  You’re going to Phnom Penh.

Am I right?

I mean, Why wouldn’t you?

This ancient cap­i­tal has some wild and inter­est­ing his­to­ry behind it!

Let me or my team tell you some of it.

How would you like a free les­son on Phnom Penh?
You’ll be ful­ly equipped to impress your trav­el partners.

Just click here.

I’ll tell you all you need to know about the pearl of Asia
AND of course the best loca­tions to visit!

Siem Reap Tours

Have you looked into vis­it­ing Siem Reap?
It’s the gate­way to Angkor Wat

You know…

The big tem­ple that’s on every­thing from the flag to beer cans in Cambodia!

Of course you know it .…..But maybe you don’t know about…

The 5 best things to see in Siem Reap oth­er than Angkor Wat

Click here and fol­low me to check out my list on what to do in Siem Reap

I’ll also give you a free les­son with my expert local knowl­edge on the bloody

his­to­ry of this city.

           Cus­tom-Tai­lored Tours

Maybe you have your own idea.
Maybe you want to do some­thing different.
Some­thing out of the ordinary.

In this case I’d LOVE to hear your plan.

I love meet­ing to cre­ative peo­ple and brain­storm­ing about dif­fer­ent ways of

hav­ing fun in Cambodia!

Click here and send me your inquiry.

That way we can get straight to build­ing you the wildest, most obscure tour

you can dream of!

                YOU….Take The Wheel

So you’re one of those huh…..
A “free-spir­it”…

You want to take the wheel yourself…
And put our dri­vers out of work?



We can accom­mo­date for that too!

Lucky for you we’ve got a wide range of bus­es and cars avail­able for rent .…Have a quick look at our full list by click­ing here.

(P.S. – I’ll break it gen­tly to the dri­vers that you don’t want them)

             Taxi Ser­vice

I get it… Some­times you want the car ride with­out the dri­ver talk­ing you to sleep!

Well guess what, .… Once again I can deliv­er!.… If you need to get across Cambodia,.….No mat­ter the distance.……We are here to help!

Click here to inquire, tell me where you need to go

(Beware: Our dri­vers may revert to fac­to­ry set­ting and take you to Angkor Wat! )

Con­tact Us
And Finally…

Here we are at the bot­tom of the page.

It’s been quite a journey

Thank you for tak­ing it with me.

If you’ve got any ques­tions or you’d like to send an inquiry,

Just send you mes­sage in the box below.

Thanks for reading


Have a look down below to meet some of the best Eng­lish speak­ing tour guides in South­east Asia!

                      Meet Pho.

Our Local Spe­cial­ist in Phnom Penh…

Pho is a Cam­bo­di­an native and has worked as a tour guides Cam­bo­dia for over a decade!
In 2014 Pho grad­u­at­ed from uni­ver­si­ty with a degree in Eng­lish lit­er­a­ture which

has served him extreme­ly well in his career as a tour guide.

Full of local knowl­edge and wis­dom…. ..Pho has worked through­out the king­dom of Cam­bo­dia, In Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bat­tam­bang, Sihanoukville, Rat­tanakiri and Mon­dulkiri just to name a few. (If you’re real­ly smart you’ll know more than 2 of those places)

As you can prob­a­bly tell already…
Pho has had an exten­sive career

He has worked as an Eng­lish speak­ing tour guide, a pri­vate dri­ver, a personal

trans­la­tor and…. A farmer!!

Now Our Spe­cial­ist in Siem Reap…. ME

Ill intro­duce myself again,
(Just incase you forgot)

        My name is Hout.

For over 10 years I’ve been in this game…
Turn­ing tourists hol­i­days into the best times of their lives!

And I like to think that by now,
I’m pret­ty good at it.

If you’d like to learn more about me before we trav­el togeth­er click here!

Vehi­cle Mod­el ser­vic­ing cus­tomers;

For SUV and it’s 4 seater cars, we are being used Toy­ota High­lander, Lexus RX 300, 330, 350, 400,

six seater vans like Toy­ota Alphard for all years of pro­duc­tions, the Toy­ota Alphard van is and out­stand­ing com­fort any­where you go with a qui­et, impres­sive­ly effi­cient per­for­mance and com­pre­hen­sive safety—a tru­ly pres­ti­gious ride that ele­vates every jour­ney. the price of van is depend­ed on it’s year of pro­duc­tions too.

12 and 15 seater vans, there are plen­ty of the vans for your days to go to around Cam­bo­dia, the most pop­u­lar­i­ty for the VAN are Toy­ota Hiace and Hyundai Starex

35 and 45 seater bus­es , we have vari­ety mod­el to escort you wher­ev­er you would like

Pri­vate Taxi Ride Ser­vices, or maybe shared taxi Ser­vices, if we had peo­ples to share at same day and also same destinations!

  1. One Way drop or short ride in Cambodia’s main cities like, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other differences cities
  2. One Way drop or ride to a cross Cambodia’s intercrossing towns, throughout Cambodia
  3. Daily Taxi Service
  4. Weekly Taxi Service
  5. Monthly Cars, Vans, Buses Rental
Thinking of going around Cambodia and also trying to look for professional local taxi driver and guide to explore the country’s unseen things then we are the best to types of your needs

Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental to see you and have some talks to you!