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Cambodia Car Rental without Drivers

Think­ing of explor­ing around Cam­bo­dia with your own car then you can get a rental car from the Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental to man­age your self dri­ving in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Bat­tam­bang city and oth­er dif­fer­ence towns of Cambodia ?

The Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental Team is bring­ing our mod­ern ser­vices to the need­ed peo­ples who love to have self dri­ving while they are away from home and still want to go to where they want to trav­el to and when­ev­er they would like to dri­ve, and this ser­vice is called Hired Car and dri­ve your self 

Are you look­ing to get Car Rental and dri­ve it you Self Dri­ving in Cam­bo­dia ? then let see the cri­te­ria of our Car Rental Ser­vice bel­low the image

How the self dri­ving ser­vice can be pro­vid­ed to world­wide peo­ples who is in need­ed to man­age your per­son­al work around Cambodia ?

  • Are you already owned a Cam­bo­dia Dri­ving License ?
  • is your dri­ving license is an inter­na­tion­al license and still valid ? 

one of the those of the require­ments (licens­es) are valid­i­ty to man­age your own car dri­ving and it’s able to dri­ve to any­where in Cambodia

  • Before the car get rent­ed to you then we need to have some deposit amount of mon­ey and the deposit amount depends on one of the car mod­els that you are going to rent from us, to deposit with the amount of USD is to secure for our side when some­thing got wrong with our car, while dri­ving through­out Cam­bo­di­a’s road trips, some­time it can be dam­aged car fea­tures which it’s most­ly caused by coin­ci­dent acci­dence, unpre­dictable. If the car is not changed it’s fea­tures when you are return­ing to us then we are giv­ing you back the deposit­ed cashes 
  • Your pass­port is required to keep at the Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental side for while and then we will hand your pass­port back when you are turned us the car that you had been rent­ed for while 
  • In Sum­ma­ry, Do not let your rent­ed car get crushed by pieces of any­things or get lost 
  • While you are being dri­ve along side of Cam­bo­dia road trips that is can be includ­ed in Phnom Penh cap­i­tal or oth­er towns across Cam­bo­dia, You need to take of  TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICIALS (in every main cities), CAMERA & SPEEDY POLICE OFFICIALS (they are avail­able  at NATIONAL ROADS, across Cam­bo­dia), you can be mis­takes at any and also can be fined by one of the groups of them 

After the agree­ment are done by your sig­na­tures in A4 paper, then the advan­tages of hav­ing a rental car let trav­el through­out your own designed roads, it will let to go to wher­ev­er you want and when­ev­er you would like to go, see or meet peo­ples at your cus­tomized place. Total­ly, HAPPY TO DRIVE TO WHEREVER IN CAMBODIA.


More Details that relat­ed to our car rental ser­vices then feel free con­tact us with­in the fol­low­ing email and phone con­tact bellow

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