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Phnom Penh Shooting Ranges

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Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Ranges

Are AK47s and M16s your thing?

Look no fur­ther than the Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Range Cambodia.
This is not your aver­age tour – we offer an expe­ri­ence that is truly

unique and unforgettable.

We’ve got every­thing you could want

From hand grenades, to RPG’s

We’ve got 2 sites you can vis­it, the indoor shoot­ing range in Phnom Penh

And the out­door shoot­ing range high up in the Moun­tains, within

the wild heart of Cambodia’s jungle

Our expe­ri­enced guides will ensure that you have a safe and
enjoy­able expe­ri­ence. And once you’ve worked up an appetite, we’ll

pro­vide a deli­cious lunch to refu­el your energy.

Don't miss out on this incred­i­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty. The Phnom Penh
Shoot­ing Range is a once-in-a-life­time expe­ri­ence that you won’t find

any­where else!

Check Out Our Weapon List Down Below!

What Do You Think of The RPG?


Did some­thing else take your interest?


Why not come shoot everything!

To shoot every­thing at the Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Ranges Out­door and indoor while you are trav­el­ing with one of the Cam­bo­dia Taxi Car Rental Teams is the best time to spend your vacation 


After all…


Where else but Cam­bo­dia can you get to expe­ri­ence the primal
ecsta­sy of shoot­ing all the 21 st century’s most noto­ri­ous weapon­ry in

the heart of a trop­i­cal jungle?

You’re not going on any ordi­nary hol­i­day right?

You want to do some­thing different…

You want some sto­ries to tell that aren’t just about the beach­es or

the good weather…

Beach­es and good weath­er are everywhere!

I think this video will show you exact­ly what I’m get­ting at: 

So If You Want To:

Cre­ate a mas­sive fire­ball by blow­ing up petrol bar­rels with our
RPG – An expe­ri­ence you can get only find at our shooting
range due to strict inter­na­tion­al laws!
 Man the noto­ri­ous Doosh­ka tur­ret and send an unstoppable
bar­rage of 50 cal­i­bre rounds downrange.
 Feel the explo­sive pow­er of arm­ing and lob­bing hand grenades
under the guid­ance of pro­fes­sion­al mil­i­tary guides.
 Get your hands on the M16 or AK47. These rifles are both
famous in their own right, and sym­bols for lib­er­ty, oppression,
fear and jus­tice all over the world. Shoot both of these fully
auto­mat­ic authen­tic sur­plus weapons and see which you
 Expe­ri­ence the heavy-hit­ting pow­er of the PKM and RPD
machine guns and see what its like to fire a hail of hot lead
from these prod­ucts of sovi­et engineering.
 Launch a 40mm high-explo­sive grenade into a wood­en hut
from the M79 grenade launcher.

Vis­it this web­site https://www.CambodiaFireRange.Com/ to check out
more videos from the range, and see how you can get in on this