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Phnom Penh Shooting Range Cambodia

Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Range Cam­bo­dia is one of the new adven­tur­ing it’s for local and over­sea trav­el­ers who like to taste authen­tic big or small rif­fles machine gun till the huge one, called RPG (bazooka rock­et launch­er).  and it’s also a must thing to do which list­ed in Phnom Penh trav­el itin­er­ary tours, it’s also a very wel­come to tourist site. 

The Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Range is locat­ed at a two dif­fer­ence sites, it’s called indoor/inside shoot­ing range club and an oth­er one is called as Out­door shoot­ing club of Phnom Penh.

  • the inside of Cam­bo­dia shoot­ing range Phnom Penh is the site that let every­one to go to shoot fire arm like ak47, M16, PKM machine gun and maybe pistols 
  • the out­door and also moun­tain­ous of Cam­bo­dia Shoot­ing ranges phnom penh is the num­ber one gun range activ­i­ties and it let you ful­ly auto­mat­ic rifle, semi auto and sin­gle shoot­ing and it’s also let you to shoot every gun are list­ed in it’s price list. Most­ly those of peo­ple are vis­it­ed they like to shoot Rock­et launch­er into gas talk or well known as LPG and oth­er rifle machine gun 

The address of the inside shoot­ing range club is locat­ed at around the inter­na­tion­al air­port of Phnom Penh, it’s about 10–15 mins from the air­port of the city, 45 mins from cen­ter of cap­i­tal. and one more is the out­side of  shoot­ing range club which it’s address is at out­side of the city and it’s approx­i­mate­ly take 90–120 mins by pri­vate cares, one way each.

A pic­ture of an out­door cus­tomers after the shoot­ing range finished

The guns you can be shoot­ing at the indoor shoot­ing range club are small rif­fles like, AK47, M16, Pis­tols, PKM machine guns, and the range is set in a big build­ing with­in sep­a­rate­ly rooms.

A video footage of a cus­tomer shoot­ing an RPG (bazooka Rock­et launch­er) hit on tar­get then the sound of explo­sion imme­di­ate­ly hap­pened and jumped into spaces.

The out­door rang have AK47, M16, M16, T97,  S‑katu, Pis­tols, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Cal­iber well known as Doosh­ka, RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rock­et Launch­er). You can play all day or for half a day, what­ev­er suits your needs. the details of the gun shoot­ing then let go to the address at