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Kep Taxi Drivers Cambodia

Kep Taxi Dri­vers Cambodia


Hel­lo every­one, my name is Bun Leng, the Kep res­i­den­tial guide and also work­ing as a Kep Taxi Dri­ver Cam­bo­dia. Cur­rent­ly, I am work­ing as the num­ber one of Kep local guide insid­er, all of the work­ing expe­ri­ences of Taxi Dri­ver and Local Insid­er Guide was orig­i­nal­ly came from by meet­ing, talk­ing, and per­haps tak­ing inter­na­tion­al tourists from a place in Kep town to go to around in Kep province and to also a near­by town/province of Kam­pot. Def­i­nite­ly, Kep and Kam­pot is very near­by coun­ty to each oth­ers, its’s 20 ride in my SUV car from home in Kep to Kam­pot, I can make one day for two province tours, easily. 


My work­ing expe­ri­ence in Kep town as the Kep Taxi Dri­ver had start­ed since I was 25 years old and now I am at the age of 41 years, I still love the work that I had been worked with for­eign tourists for 17 years so far. Hon­est­ly, the work­ing expe­ri­ence should be enough for every­one who want to have a pri­vate taxi dri­ver to Kep and your needs local Taxi Dri­ver and guide is me, Mr. Bun Leng.


Please be not­ed, My job is tak­ing people/speaking to every peo­ples who are being spent their time or hol­i­day in Kep town,  go every­where around Kep and give  ori­en­ta­tion tours to the need­ed peo­ples is my occu­pa­tions, please.

For every­one is look­ing into trav­el­ing to the Cam­bo­dia Kep town and still need of local guide insid­er to escort you and your friends to explore the lit­tle and nat­u­ral­ly city of Kep then you can be feel free con­tact me or Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental’s group for a help to go through to all Kep’s things to see and things to do across the region.


Nev­er missed all places to vis­it across Kep sight­see­ing tour if you had me (Bun Leng) as your local guide and Kep Taxi Driver 


Bel­low is the intro­duc­tion of Kep Town


Kep is one of the Cam­bo­di­a’s top sea­side of tourist des­ti­na­tions that’s includ­ed inter­na­tion­al over­sea tourists and local tourist, until eclipsed in the 1960s by Sihanoukville (and, soon after, decades of civ­il war). The town is full of ruined shells of old vil­las, destroyed in the Khmer Rouge days and dur­ing the sub­se­quent Civ­il War and stripped down by the leav­ing Viet­namese army.

Today’s Kep has recent­ly become estab­lished as a Khmer hol­i­day spot and is slow­ly being redis­cov­ered by trav­el­ers. The once very poor Kep beach is now being filled up with snow white sand from Otres Beach and is extend­ed to 50m, still the main beach is locat­ed at the idyl­lic Koh Ton­say (Rab­bit Island, 20min by long tail boat), just off the coast.

The charm of this coastal resort lies in its peace­ful­ness, its Nation­al Park, and its seafood.

A sin­gle, kilo­me­ter long cres­cent of sand near the tip of the Kep penin­su­la. Din­ing plat­forms and seafood ven­dors line the road behind the beach. Busy on week­ends but often desert­ed dur­ing the week. The road through Kep traces the coast­line to the beach and then cir­cles back on itself. Cars and vans must pay admis­sion to dri­ve the loop (2500R — 5000R). Motor­cy­cles and pedes­tri­ans are free. Be aware that the loop is an one-way street and the police do occa­sion­al­ly enforce the law, levy fines against violators.

In the pass years after, the coun­try of Cam­bo­dia received ful­ly inde­pen­dent from French, Kep was also one of the French colo­nial coun­tries and turned to lat king Sihanouk’s retreat des­ti­na­tions of Cambodia.


Please to con­tact Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental for a detail to go to Kep his­to­ry and things to do there! Thanks for vis­it­ing Cam­bo­dia and Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental is your asso­ci­a­tor guide to through all the way you want to visit